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We have over 50 years experience in repairing and upgrading all water and gas pipe work and systems. Pascoe’s plumbers specialise in hot water installations and repairs, bathroom, kitchen and laundry services. Pascoe’s can also assist in the installation of alfresco kitchen and outdoor entertaining appliances.

We fix drain blockages and leaks on the same day and guarantee the highest quality of service.

Plumber Landsdale

Finding a great plumber in Landsdale can be tricky. There are so many options to choose from, and you always run the risk of working with someone who is unpleasant and will leave the job partially complete. Many plumbers don’t even want to work on weekends or after hours, which is usually when most plumbing emergencies happen.

At Pascoe’s, we’ve taken the time to build up a reputation as a reliable plumbing service that focuses on our customer’s needs. We’ve developed a portfolio of services to meet the varied needs of our clients, ranging from emergency services to full plumbing overhauls and everything in between. You never know when you’ll need a plumber in Landsdale, and we’re here to tell you why you should stick with us.

We have a commitment to providing our customers with friendly, helpful service no matter what they need. All of our plumbers are experts in their field and are well equipped to tackle any job. Since we believe in giving our customers the ultimate service, we’ve adopted a number of customer-friendly policies that will leave you smiling.

First of all, we’re available whenever you need us, no matter the day or hour. We offer a 24/7 service and always have plumbers available to work. So if you have an emergency in the middle of the night, we’ll make sure to be there as soon as we can. Thanks to the fact that our plumbers are all locals, they’ll be there within two hours or less.

We also believe that you should pay for our service, not only our presence, so we don’t charge any call-out fees. You should only pay for a job once you’re completely satisfied that it has been done to a standard that you expect. Our plumbers will also always give you an upfront, obligation-free quote before they start the work. You will never get any nasty surprises when you work with us. We also understand that emergencies happen at the worst possible times, which is why offer a 0%-interest financing option to help you manage your costs more effectively. This is while still providing you with the best plumbers in Landsdale.

In addition to dealing with emergencies, we also have a whole host of other services available to you. If you’re worried about the fact that your hot water system is inefficient, or that your plumbing is old, get in touch with us. Our plumbers can evaluate any hot water system and offer expert advice on various hot water units to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking at solar heating or want to update to a more energy-efficient geyser, we have the tools and know-how to provide you with expert advice and service. And since we understand the local building codes and regulations, we’re well qualified to repair or replace any old or damaged plumbing in your home.

You’ll find that we’re the ideal choice for kitchen or bathroom renovations as well. Not only can we provide you with free on-site quotes for your project, but we can also provide you with high-quality plumbing parts and fittings for affordable prices. This is because we’re a local plumbing supplier as well. No matter what plumbing supplies you’re looking for in Landsdale, we’re sure to have them. Our team of experts can also install any fixtures or fittings wherever you want them, making your kitchen or bathroom renovation a pleasure instead of a chore.

Even if you’re not planning a major revamp of your plumbing, you’ll find that many little odd jobs keep piling up. Sometimes it can feel like you repair one leak only to have another spring up. Our plumbers are more than happy to address these small issues so that they don’t affect your home or your quality of life. Our plumbers are so discreet and quiet; you may even forget that they’re there!

Our skills don’t end at water plumbing either. If you’ve been considering gas, we have the expertise to handle all your gas plumbing needs as well. From installing gas stoves to making sure your piping is up to code, we can do it all. We can even give you advice on the best parts and fixtures for your gas system to ensure that it will last and serve you well for years to come. And if you’ve got a gas leak, we’ll be on the scene to sort it out within the hour.

No matter what sort of plumbing challenge you have, we’re up to the task of taking it on. From large plumbing projects to providing advice and a helping hand, we’re here to help you. So if you’re considering partnering up with a great plumber in Landsdale, or you’ve got an emergency that needed addressing yesterday, give us a call and see why we’ve got such a great reputation.

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