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We have over 50 years experience in repairing and upgrading all water and gas pipe work and systems. Pascoe’s plumbers specialise in hot water installations and repairs, bathroom, kitchen and laundry services. Pascoe’s can also assist in the installation of alfresco kitchen and outdoor entertaining appliances.

We fix drain blockages and leaks on the same day and guarantee the highest quality of service.

Plumber Canning Vale

Most people have had at least one bad plumbing experience in their life. Whether you’ve had a geyser blow on a Friday and spent the weekend trying to convince the plumber to come out, or you’ve discovered that you have a blocked drain bubbling up late at night, plumbing emergencies are never fun and are always urgent.

That’s why we aim to offer you the best plumbing service possible in Canning Vale. Since all our plumbers are local and know the area very well, they can be at your doorstep within two hours of your call. You can call us at any time, 24/7 and get polite, helpful, and responsive service. We understand that emergencies happen at the worst possible times, which is why we offer 24-hour, high-quality plumbing services. We’re prepared for any emergency and make sure that we have all the necessary supplies on hand to address your issue as quickly as possible.

You may expect that quick service means that we do a sloppy job, but nothing can be further from the truth. Our plumbers in Canning Vale are all fully trained. Many have years, or even decades, of experience on the job. There is nothing that they can’t handle and nothing that they’ve never seen before. They also take lots of pride in their work and will never leave a site with a customer unsatisfied. Our plumbers are meticulous and pay lots of attention to the small details that separate a good job from an excellent one.

We take our customer service very seriously, and we always make sure you’re satisfied before we leave. We’re happy to answer any questions that you may have during any part of the job. We’ll never do any work that you haven’t explicitly approved. There may be times when our plumbers will notice additional issues, and they will immediately notify you and provide you with an estimate of what those would cost to fix. They will never actually start the work until you’ve approved it so that you won’t get any nasty surprises at the end of the day.

In addition to being great emergency plumbers, we’ve developed a reputation as a reliable local plumber in Canning Vale for non-emergency jobs as well. If you need a new fixture installed or want to get your existing plumbing improved, we have the necessary expertise to help you out.

Many of our best customers are those that started a DIY renovation and discovered that installing fixtures and moving toilets around isn’t too much fun. We’re always available to lend a helping hand, or even offer helpful advice whenever you need it.
Not only do we understand the local building regulations, but we also have plenty of supplier contacts in the area. This means that we can get high-quality parts for affordable prices. If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your bathroom, but worrying about being able to afford it, why not give us a call and ask for an obligation-free quote? You’ll be surprised how far your money can go when you hire a good plumber.

Many Perth households are considering making the move to solar power, or at least solar water heating. If you’re interested in updating your hot water system, we have the expertise to make recommendations that will fit your particular situation and needs. Our team of experts keeps up to date with all the latest technological developments in the field of water heating. They can give you plenty of advice about how to set your new system up and how to take advantage of all the latest technology out there.

If you’re starting a big plumbing job, you may be worried that it is out of your budget. We understand that plumbing is low on your list of financial priorities, and we will always work with you to find the ideal solution. Before we do any work, our plumber will conduct a walk-through assessment of your home and provide you with a free quote explaining both labour and parts costs. You’re under no obligation to accept the quote, and you’re more than welcome to shop around and consider other plumbers as well. If you do accept the quote, we’ll start work immediately and keep to both the budget and deadlines we’ve set. We can also arrange 0%-interest finance options to allow you to pay off the job in installments, without spending a cent on interest. And, after the job has been completed, we’ll do a walk-through with you to show off the high-quality results and make sure you’re completely satisfied.

If you’re looking for affordable plumbers who you can trust, why not give us a call? Whether you’ve got a plumbing emergency or are just looking for some DIY advice, we’re always here to help.

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