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We have over 50 years experience in repairing and upgrading all water and gas pipe work and systems. Pascoe’s plumbers specialise in hot water installations and repairs, bathroom, kitchen and laundry services. Pascoe’s can also assist in the installation of alfresco kitchen and outdoor entertaining appliances.
We fix drain blockages and leaks on the same day and guarantee the highest quality of service.
When you’re looking for a plumber in Bayswater, there are some things you should keep in mind. While many plumbers are offering great services, very few are focused on their customers. That’s why you should always look for plumbers who offer customer-centric services, such as obligation-free quotes, flexible payment plans, and no call-out fees. Also, always make sure that the plumber you hire has been trained and is fully certified. This is a great way to weed out the disreputable plumbers and find the gems instead.
Pascoe’s has established a reputation in Perth as one of the best plumbers around for a variety of reasons. Firstly, we always put our customers first. We offer 24/7 emergency services, so you’re never left in the lurch with a leaky pipe or broken geyser. We also don’t charge call-out fees for any job that we do, since we believe you should be paying for a job, not for the mere presence of a plumber. We also make sure to give you a full, obligation-free quote before we start any work so that you can make an informed decision on whether to proceed or not. With us, you’ll always feel that you’re in control of the process.
While most people only get in touch with plumbers when they have an emergency, we do also offer a variety of non-emergency services. If you’re wondering if you can save electricity on your hot water system, our experts can come in and evaluate your current system. They can then suggest various improvements that will save you money. If you’ve got any annoying leaks that are driving you crazy, as well as costing you money, we’ll happily come in and repair them. And if you’re inclined to do the repairs yourself, we offer a wide range of plumbing supplies in Bayswater from many reputable partners. We are also always on hand to help if you have any questions or if you need an extra hand to help complete your DIY project.
We have also done many kitchen and bathroom renovations, ensuring that all fixtures are installed to a high standard. If you’re looking at doing the same, we offer competitive pricing and world-class service, which will have your room looking better than new. Renovating or remodeling a room is a long and frustrating process with many roadblocks and speedbumps along the way.
By working with a reputable plumber in Bayswater, you can avoid many of the common problems that come with renovations. All of our plumbers know the local regulations and building codes and will make sure that any renovation you do will comply with these regulations. They’ll also be able to update any fixtures or fittings in your plumbing system that are dated and worn. Our plumbers will also make sure to stick to the deadlines agreed upon at the start of the project, so you won’t have people in your home for longer than necessary. And, once our work is complete, we’ll clean up and make sure the room is ready for any subsequent workers that come in after us. It’s just one of the small details that separate us from the competition.
In addition to handling water systems, Pascoe’s offers a whole range of gas plumbing services in Bayswater, from connecting your gas system to installing a gas oven or gas BBQ. No matter what your needs, we are willing and able to tackle the job. If you’re worried about the safety of using gas in your home, our expert technicians are more than happy to provide all the relevant safety information about how to use your new appliances and prevent the risk of fires. And in the event of a gas leak, we’ll be over immediately to address the situation before it becomes a problem.
A huge reason why we’ve earned our reputation as great plumbers in Bayswater is our attention to detail. We ensure that all of our plumbers are fully trained and kept up to date with all the latest plumbing advancements. This is to ensure that they have the confidence and ability to handle any job. Our plumbers understand how to work with clients in order to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We minimise our customer’s inconvenience as much as possible. That’s why we will always be on-site the same day that you call us, and we’ll be there even sooner if there’s an emergency. No matter what service you need, our plumbers will take care of the job.
If you’ve been frustrated by plumbing companies that have hidden fees and don’t do the job well, it’s understandable that you’re skeptical of any plumbing company making bold claims about their services. But we believe that if you give us a call, you’ll quickly see why we’ve got the reputation as one of the best plumbers in the area.

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