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6 Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

>   6 Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

6 Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

March 3, 2021

An electrical problem is a serious matter to consider, especially if you are not an electrician or professional expert. When there is an electrical problem at your home, it’s very vital to contact an electrical expert who will take care of the problem. Many severe damages and injuries caused by faulty wiring can be solved and prevented in your home. Here are some of the six signs that you need home wiring.

Signs your house needs rewiring

Fuse blows

One of the main signs that show the need for home rewiring is the presence of fuse explodes or blows. It becomes even more significant when the wires in the fuse box and the circuit breaker explode. When this situation occurs, rewiring needs to be done urgently. This problem should only be left to the professionals and experts who understand the problem. Some of the reasons that lead to a fuse exploding are due to short circuit, overloaded circuit, arc fault and ground fault.

Burning smell

A persistent burning smell is never a good sign, and it’s a sign that requires immediate attention from an electrician. There is a wide array of problems that can cause the burning smell which includes damaged or poorly installed wiring, exposed wires, and overloaded circuits. A burning smell can lead to electrical fires which are so dangerous and occur within a flash. So take the immediate action by contacting an electrician to solve the problem.

Sparks and electrical shocks

Frequent sparking while using your outlets means that too much heat is being built up in the outlets and it’s advisable to contact a qualified electrician to check on the problem. Sparks also occur when the wires are much exposed, and sparks jump between them. This may lead to fatal electrical shocks and fires. An electrical shock experienced, while plugging an electrical appliance is also dangerous and requires urgent attention from an electrical technician.

Excessive heat from electronics and appliances

If you notice that your electronics and appliances are continually overheating, then you need to contact an electrician to check on the home wiring. Appliances and electronics overheat due to bad wiring connections, too much current and worn insulation. All these issues can cause damage to your electronics and electronic devices.

Dimming or flickering lights

Probably a fault in the bulb might cause typical dimming of the lights. However, if you notice the frequent flickering of the lights in several rooms, then that would be a sign of an electrical fault that should be checked out immediately.

Regular power surges or outages

Regular power surges might occur in the home due to internal reasons like overworking an air conditioning unit or a fan in a refrigerator. These surges might build over time and cause burn out and damage to your electronics.

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